Project Description

1930s House Redesign and Renovation in Rathfarnham


This four-bed semi-detached 1930’s house had not been invested in or modernised since it was built. When Rosemary and her family acquired the house, they became the second owners of the house. The original owners raised their family happily there and one of the sons then sold it on.

Why did you renovate?

The house had beautiful space and features including cornices, fireplaces and more but needed a complete renovation in terms of design, electrical, plumbing, insulation and windows. We spent a year planning for this renovation and new extension as we wanted to make sure it was done right as it is a big investment – of both time and money.

What were you looking to achieve?

We were looking to do a complete redesign, with extension for the kitchen and dining area and also an attic conversion. We wanted to make better use of the space and achieve a balance of modern but keep the touch of the original features of this 1930’s home.

Did you meet with any other contractors?

Yes, we did but is was an easy decision to go with Shorycon as we felt we could get along better with this team. Communications are so important and trust too – especially on a big project.

Did you work with an architect?

Yes, we did invest in an architect – just for the plans. We made the decision, based on Declan’s experience of renovations, to work directly with the Shorycon team for the project in the end, instead of the architect. Indeed, our architect created a good plan but we did not execute all of it as we did not feel right about some of the elements. We created an updated design – working with Declan and he delivered on all of it.

One example was the new attic room creation which would have involved sacrificing a bedroom for the access stairway. Declan and his team found a clever way around this.   Declan also made some great suggestions for various rooms in the house that simply utilised the space more and achieved a great result.

What is your favourite part of the house?

Ohh, my kitchen. I just love cooking and invested in a beautiful kitchen with Newcastle Kitchens. They were great too and have a fantastic after sales service. I love the light from all the glass and the curved full-length window too. It is a beautiful feature. I also love the roof lightwell over the island.

How did family and friends react when they saw your new home?

Actually, the son of the original family who sold it, paid a visit after the renovation and was very impressed. So was another builder contact of our whom we had worked with in the past – he was impressed with the workmanship too. Our friends and family said it had real ‘wow factor’ and were really pleased for us that it had turned out so well.


The project took about six months in total but would have been shorter due to a few breaks for different things including holidays.

How did you hear about Declan and Shorycon?

We got a referral from one of his other clients. We also saw his van around the area with his logo and then looked him up online. His website and mobile app were very comprehensive and showcased a variety of other homes with beautiful photos and 3D tours so we could get a real sense of the quality and finish on his projects. We then made contact.

How did you find working with Declan and the team?

Declan has great people skills and is a larger than life character. He is just very easy to get on with to discuss both ideas and concerns. He just knows his stuff and he earned our complete trust to deliver this project. He really keeps the show on the road and the project management is second to none.

Any tips for others looking to invest in a renovation and extension?

I would not necessarily use an architect. If you have a great builder like Declan with the level of experience and creativity – save your money and just work directly with Declan to create your dream house.

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